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    WordPress And XY Problem, Know What Exactly It Is

    Millions of users have downloaded WordPress CMS to create their websites which have created a large community of WordPress developers. These community people show readiness to helping any query generated by WordPress developers. Nevertheless, sometimes you face a time when you are not getting a solution for your WordPress problem. You have a problem and there is a cosmic community to help you out from the problem though you are failing to take the help of them!! It is because you are asking for supporting by giving you possible solutions, instead of asking about solution for an underlying problem. An occurrence of such a situation is known as an XY Problem.

    Here is an example which describing the XY Problem. “I want to get a ¼ inch wood screw through sheet metal, how can I achieve it with hammer? Technically what answer can be right for this question, it would be like hitting the screw very hard using a hammer continuously, to achieve the task.

    What else you suggest on this problem is like, you may be using a longer screw, use of metal, not wood. Same way screw driver instead of hammer. Because we are not aware about what props are getting used actually and we are not aware of what you are trying to attach to the sheet metal to and for what purpose. No one can recognize that what exactly you needed first, is it only a screw that you needed at first or what?

    Such a situation should not be raised for any of side, either from needier or from a helper. What you need is to avoid the XY Problem and refocus on support. And offer solutions based on solving specific problems and to be focused on specific goals. This is the reason why WordPress thrives.

    Identifying XY Problems

    So where are you lacking in what XY Problem is taking place. It is pretty difficult to identify but not unfeasible. Here I am giving you one example to identify how we are lacking and creating the XY Problem. Let’s say someone has asked: “which medication can relieve me from stomach pain?” This question is Focusing on Y and overlooking X. This is what we need to solve. If you want to focus on X you need to change your approach to asking help. You need to ask above question by rephrasing it as: “Why do I have stomach pain?” this way you will get an expected solution.

    I know at the end of the story answer could be having a medication, but the focus will change. Now the focus would be on reason for pain. So you will have solution like you can get it resolved by changing your diet or treating some other conditions, in a first approach of asking the question you had bottlenecked second option of resolving the problem.

    Types of XY Problems in WordPress

    Same problems you will see in WordPress, How the XY Problem takes place in WordPress, let’s see:

    1. The XY Problem arises when we ask for help in getting a specific function that solve our problem rather than asking for the best solution for your problem.

    2. Sometimes we are being too specific to some functionality like too specific for a theme or plug-in for a solution.

    Look at the first type, this is a pretty appropriate way to ask for a solution. You are having a problem, you tried to solve that problem, but you are not getting out of your problem and that’s why you have asked for a help. This is okay, but when the solution is not coupled with an explanation, then there is no way for anyone answering your question to know that it’s correct solution or right approach to the asked solution.

    Look at the second type, do you think, it is a problem? From my perspective, it is not a problem. Why you should not ask how to use the theme or plug-in, which you are using to solve your problem? Because there are two problems:

    1. May the theme or plug-in you have selected is not proper for achieving targeted goals.

    2. Sometime many people are there who are unaware about a plugin or theme for which you have asked solution unless you ask it in the specific forum of that theme or plugin.

    This type of problem we called XY Problem. I wish now you understand what exactly the XY Problem in WordPress. This is really a tricky issue to which we need to deal. How to deal with an XY Problem? To know about this continue to read my article or join our institution for comprehensive WordPress training which covers all the facet of WordPress. No matter if it is developing or how to avoid occurrence of an XY Problem while finding a solution for your WordPress query.

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