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    Why Should You Consider Enrolling for a Java Course?

    Do you aspire to be a programmer someday? If yes, then stop wondering where to start and enrol for a Java course today! The opportunities for IT professionals are growing by the day. And Java can open up new avenues for you in the digital space.

    There are a lot of aspirants who ask: Why Java?

    Java has stood the test of time. In an industry where upgrades and updates happen more often than anywhere else, Java recently celebrated its 20th birthday. Also, Java is used widely across various industries and hence keeps Java developers in demand!

    If you look back at times when there was a decline in Java development, the language bounced back with groundbreaking changes in the form of Enum, Generics and Autoboxing in Java 5; improved performance in Java 6 and functional programming in Java 8. Even Google’s preferred language for Android Apps is Java.

    So if you need more reason on why you should learn Java, read on to learn more.

    10 Reasons to Opt for Java Training

    Java is Easy to Learn

    Java is a straightforward programming language for beginners. It has English like syntax which makes it easy for newbies to learn. Although there are minor initial hurdles such as setting up the path, installing JDK and understanding how Classpath works, the overall the language is easy to read and write as compared to other programming languages.

    Java Developers Are in Demand

    Java is used everywhere. From smartphones to ATMs and PoS terminals to televisions, Java has a wide range of applications. This has increased the demand for Java developers across sectors. Once you complete your course, you can look at a wide range of sectors for job opportunities as a Java developer.

    Java Has Powerful Development Tools

    Java offers powerful development tools that make working with the language easier and more comfortable. For those who have coded on DOS Editor or Notepad, working on the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Java would be a cakewalk.

    The IDE helps in code completion and also provides debugging capability, which is particularly useful for real-world applications. It also has other tools such as Maven and ANT for developing Java applications. Tools such as Jenkins can be used for continuous integration and delivery, Visual VM for surveillance of heap usage, and more.

    Java Has the World’s Leading Developer Certifications

    Java certification is recognized and accepted across the globe. You can invest in an online Java course even from Oracle University. You can earn certifications that add value to your resume and increase your chances of getting noticed by an employer.

    Java Developers are a Supportive Community

    The best part about Java is that it has a strong, passionate, and supportive community. Java developers have various forums such as StackOverflow, where one can engage with experienced developers and seek advice. There are different forums for beginners, advanced, and even expert Java developers, where you can seek guidance for free! This is particularly beneficial for a new learner trying to find their way.

    Java is Free!

    One of the factors that has made Java so popular among programmers is that it is free! It is easier for organizations to arrange training programmes in Java for their IT staff because of the cost-efficiency.

    Java Offers Excellent Documentation Support

    Javadoc is a great piece of documentation that tells a lot of things about Java API. It is one of the main reasons why Java is the best programming language.

    Since not everyone has time to look at the code to learn what a method does or how to use a class, Javadoc can make learning easy. Also, it provides an excellent reference while coding in Java. Moreover, with the advent of IDEs such as Eclipse and IntelliJIDEA, you don’t even need to look Javadoc explicitly in the browser because you can get all the information in your IDE window itself.

    Java is Platform Independent

    The idea of platform independence is great and made it quite popular in the 1990s. Java’s tagline “write once run anywhere,” and the acronym “WORA” was enticing enough to attract lots of new development in Java. It is still one of the reasons for Java being the best programming language. Most Java applications are developed in the Windows environment and run on the Linux platform.

    Java Offers Excellent Collection of Open Source Libraries

    Open-source libraries ensure that Java can be used everywhere. Google, Apache, and other organizations have contributed a lot of great libraries, which makes Java development easy, faster, and cost-effective.

    There are frameworks like Spring, Struts, and Maven, which ensure that Java development follows the best practices of software craftsmanship, promotes the use of design patterns and assists Java developers in getting there job done efficiently.

    Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language

    Another reason, which made Java popular is that it’s an Object Oriented Programming language. Developing an OOP application is much easier, and helps to keep the system modular, flexible, and extensible.

    Once you have knowledge of crucial OOP concepts such as Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance, you can use all those with Java. Java itself embodies many best practices and design patterns in its library.

    Java is one of the few close to 100% OOP programming languages. It also promotes the use of SOLID and Object-oriented design principles in the form of open-source projects such as Spring, which make sure your object dependency is managed well by using the Dependency Injection principle.

    Enrol for Our Java Training to Become a Java Developer!

    Tops Technologies is a leading IT training institute that offers Java certification course through certified trainers. Whether you want to learn Java online or prefer classroom training, we can help you establish a successful career in the IT field. For more information on our Java online course, you can write to us at or WhatsApp your query to us at +91-7622011173.

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