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What is the Difference between Manual and Automation Testing

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 16 Sep 2022

There are two types of test methods that are used to check software programs – manual and automation testing. Testing - both manual and automation - aim at detecting bugs and issues to ensure that the end product is error-free, high-quality and user-friendly. Read on to know more about manual and automation testing and which one would suit you better so that you can decide whether you should take up automation testing training. Software Testing Vs Manual Testing

What is Manual Testing?

A QA analyst undertakes manual testing through a step-by-step analysis without the use of test scripts. Through this, the tester looks for errors and bugs that may interfere with the performance of the software application. On completion of the test, the analyst develops a summary error report without the use of specialized tools. If you wish to pursue a career as a QA analyst, you can enrol for software testing classes, where you will get hands-on experience in software testing.

What is Automation Testing

Automation Testing is done with the help of specialized tools and scripts to check the performance of a software application. It is usually conducted through test scripts to validate a feature or expected outcome. You can take up automation testing courses to learn the nuances of automation testing and build a career as a professional.

How is Manual Testing Different from Automation Testing?

The major differences between the two are as follows: Testing Pattern: The major difference between the two is who tests it. In manual testing, human intervention is required. An analyst will check each aspect and feature of the application to identify bugs and errors. Automation testing is conducted using automation tools and scripts. You can learn more about the testing patterns used by enrolling for automation testing training course. Test Efficiency: The time required for running the test is usually more as compared to automation testing. Manual testing is believed to be more thorough as compared to automation testing. Since automation testing involves scripts and tools and doesn't necessarily involve human intervention, the time frame to run the tests is much shorter. Investment Cost: In the case of manual testing, the investment cost is low. The return of investment (RoI) is also low in this case. However, in the case of automation testing, the investment cost and RoI are higher. Enrolling for an automation testing course will help you understand better how to increase the RoI. Human Intervention: The fact that manual testing requires human intervention allows the opportunity to the tester to cull out glitches. Automation testing does not require any kind of human intervention. This may leave the probability of missed errors. Customer Experience: Manual testing, although meticulous and time-consuming, successfully reduces the percentage of error in the program. This ensures a satisfying experience to its users. Automation Testing, on the other hand, is completely dependent on the test scripts and does not allow human intervention. As a result, there could be errors that have not tested. Hence, you cannot be sure about how satisfied a customer shall be. If you aspire to become a software tester, you can easily take up a software testing course online and learn the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject from the comfort of your home.

Which is Better?

Manual testing and automation testing are two aspects that must work in sync to ensure that a test program is free of errors and becomes high-performance. Hence, one cannot be called better than the other. Software analysts and developers must use both testing techniques to ensure quality and eliminate errors. While manual testing looks at complex test cases, automation testing handles simpler, more repetitive tests.

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