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    What is CMS (Content Management System) and Why CMS?

    CMS stands for Content Management System, which is used for businesses since early 1990s.

    Content management is the process of organizing and combining content with well-organized way and storing them only one time in storage area is known as content management and that the storage area is known as the content management system. In general, it’s a computer application, which provides features like an editing content as well as publishing that content.

    In addition, you can delete an unwanted content and organize content as per your ease. It is prominent for businesses from the management view to manage the workload in collaborative ambiance.

    Web Content Management System (WCMS) is also a software similar to CMS software, the difference is that CMS manages web content which holds graphics, images, audios, videos, text and HTML code to display these contents on a web browser as per user request.

    The purpose of Web CMS is to permit clients to access HTML based content, documents, different files. So that they can add, delete or organize such content themselves. One more feature that Web CMS offer to clients is a web publishing tool, so that they can publish live updates themselves on the web.

    Below two components are integrated together with a CMS to simplify the web development process.

    An editing component of the Web CMS is known as CMA (Content Management Application) : a front end user interface by which user can add, modify or delete content from a website without any interfere of web developer.

    A publishing component of the Web CMS is known as CDA (Content Delivery Application): compiles all content and updates them on the web.

    Web CMS is a most selective for web development that you will find a bundle of CMS frameworks to develop and manage your website. Here are Top ten CMS frameworks for creating a website.

    You will find some CMS tools free of cost whist if you are looking for tools which having an advanced features, then you have to pay for that. For an instant if you are looking for high quality templates, selective domain name and web hosting. I would recommend reviewing all the CMS, so that you can have the best fit to your website objective.

    Why decide on CMS?

    If you want to keep your site top in the search then you need to keep updated your web content, but the problem is that content does not get updated on time, and the site gets an ideal for a long time. That is due to company need to lean on developers to get it updated. That is the reason why companies are deciding on a CMS.

    By using Web CMS, anyone can update content themselves who, having a basic knowledge about computer. If you are using a CMS, you no need to keep calling at IT department for making changes to your content or uploading new content. You can do it yourself even whenever you want. This feasibility factor and low cost factor attracting companies to develop their site using CMS. And have opened Job opportunity for Developers who know CMS frameworks.

    CMS not save the money but also save the number of programming hours to build a website. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are some of the well known CMS in this time which are heating the market of web developing.

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