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Useful Tips for Freshers to Land an IT Job

A fresher in his initial stage can be considered as a novice learner who has limited or lesser skills to fit into a technical role as that of any experienced professional. Hence getting jobs as a fresher is a difficult task in the heavily competitive IT industry today. However, it’s seen with most of the hiring managers that they prefer to appoint candidates who can best fit the company’s environment.

This is because those who cannot match environment of a company often end with early quitting of the job and such candidates are truly not welcome for the companies. Hence for freshers it is important to emphasize their skills and present their raw talent to the interviewers while minimizing the drawbacks. There are certain tips that can help freshers to score an IT job in spite of their incomplete knowledge and skills required for the IT job profile.

Job for fresher

The first and foremost thing in an IT job interview is a resume screening where the candidates with a suitable resume or job profile are filtered  for the further interview process. Hence the very starting step a fresher should do to attract his/her employer’s attention is to customize the resume as per the requirements of the recruiter. For this one will have to use language that resembles the job posting and qualifies the individual to be worthy enough to hire for the post as compared to other candidates for the interview.

A unique strategy would be to come up with a mock up strategy like you may learn thoroughly about your employer and the position you’re aiming for. Then do some work or research on the basis on your study of the company as if you actually hold the position in it.

For example, in a true case, an individual who was aiming to score a job in an advertising company took the initiative of finding out the details of type of clients the company looks for and then worked to find few advertisers interested to hire the services of this company. He mailed his resume along with the list and other details of these candidates and surprisingly the individual was hired in spite of the fact that he was not possessing enough qualifications suitable for the job profile as demanded by the employers. Hence an intelligent mock up can at time be useful and get you the job you desire. Similar something you may try with IT job too.

During the interview try emphasizing your skills by proposing a plan to your employer where he could make use of your existing skills and help you overcome your shortcomings. For instance, you can lay down a proposal that you are willing to work nights and weekends to improve your skills or may tell about your previous short work experience if any where you did not have enough skills to do it but yet managed to complete it successfully with your hard work and potential.

Try to summarize your strengths and enumerate your value. There are best chances that the recruiter may be willing to take a chance if the positives in you are outweighing your shortcomings.

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