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Tips for Freshers that Speed up the Chances to Get a Job

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

You have completed your college with impressive grades, but still struggling with getting the job. What factor is reasonable for that. One of the major factors that is very significant in Today's life is the internet. The Internet is the source from where recruiters, employers or Human resources finding the student resources. What you need is creating a professional brand to make your presence on the internet. How to Build your Professional Brand? Building the professional brand online takes you closer to offer letter. Here I have given tips and strategies that you should follow while initiating to build your professional brand. When it’s a matter of increasing your online presence, make your visual effect that will increase your recognition to future employers. This is why make sure to use the same photo for every networking site, web site if you own or create, blogs that you use, social sites etc. Second comes Name, use your real name while creating a profile as the name that you use as your profile name shows in the URL also. This will help you to rank high whenever any prospective employer will search from Google, Yahoo or any other search engines. Focus on the link section of every profile that you create. Add all the links that are connected to you to provide more information about you. Even adding the more links will increase your rank in search engine. What are the Benefits of Brand Creation? The benefits that you will get from professional brand creation is similar to the promotional brand creation. The difference between both is that in promotional brand creation you are going to sell a product to the customers, whereas in the professional brand creation, you will make your presence to employers and recruiting managers. The personal brand will help you to get differentiated by the recruiters and employers from other Freshers in search engine. You can showcase your skills, experience and area of work by getting indexed in the search engine. Where you should Create an Online Profile? Here I have listed very well known websites which are playing a major role in getting the job. LinkedIn: LinkedIn comprise profiles of HR executive, HR Manager, Recruiter, Company Director, CEO. By creating a profile in LinkedIn you have an opportunity to get linked to them. Facebook: Facebook is well known for social networking, but since many years if you will look back you will find that there are many companies who are hiring the candidates by connecting them through Facebook. Google+: Google+ is also known for social networking, which is used to create a social network, professional network. Furthermore, you can search for the job using your Googl+ account. Twitter: Twitter is not performing significant role from a job perspective, nevertheless you can use twitter for job search as well, there is a group of employers who are preferring Twitter for source candidates. So it is wise decision to create an account on Twitter. It may not give higher perk, but still there are chances to get some online presence using a Twitter account. Visual CV: You can create an online resume using Visual CV. You can add images, videos and all the other accomplishments that you desired. Visual CV data accumulate online only which helps your resume to index in google search result. View Blog: Create your blog which shows your expertise. Add the link to your blog to each and every profile which will help you to show your skills and you will be indexed in google search. So what are you waiting for, start to create your brand to increase the presence of yours and speed up the chance to get recruited. TOPS Technologies is the best outsourcing, training and placement company which aim to train the students and deliver them in the IT world. If you also want to hone your skills, come to TOPS Technologies we will meet to your expectation.

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