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The Future of Android OS: Know Before you Go For it

“Android offers open source, re usability and lower price are the key of opening market of users.”  Let’s see, Are these features will make an Android winner or not.

It’s been 6 years of Android OS of released, The Android was launched by Google just after the one year and three months of  iOS released, to give a big fight to Apple. Where the fight have reached and at which extent it will reach? Here I am presenting an interesting survey based on the worldwide shipment of devices. How will you get to know about the future of the Android OS is tricky, right!! Well, this survey has taken OS of devices in front to know the future of  the Android OS.


How many OS do you know which are used by smartphones!! One, two or three. Well, there is more than that, Here you will find top ten OS brands of smartphones. Among them Android and iOS are most acceptable OS.

Here I have presented the Gartner’s report on the shipment of world wide devices and embedded OS on those devices from year 2012 to 2017. You can see, the growth and a reduction in the selling of devices.  It’s very apparent from the table that, there is an increment and decrement of selling devices, but the overall calculation shows that whatever ups and downs are there in selling but the summation of the device selling has boosted. Have a look at 2012 to 2013 forecast, It is 2.4 billion, showing 9% growth in device shipping from 2012 which will reach to 2.9 billion at the end of 2017.

It is fair enough that, clear win goes to Mobile phones, no matter years increase or decrease. The market of mobile fans will be up all the time, but In-between these years, what can you see is the change in the choice of the users, switching from PC to tablet, which is caused of launching of lower priced tablets and growing capabilities of tablets.

Android devices shipments by segmentIn 2014 the world wide selling of tablets increased to 47%. The lower selling price tablets in the market will make consumers to purchase tablets as a spare gadget due to its portability and handy features as per the Gartner.

On the other side there is a decrement in the selling of  PCs by 9.9 % decline in the selling in the year of 2013 and 0.2% of decrement in the year 2014.  That will be continuing to further years, and there would be 8% crowd who will acquire tablet and PC. This crowd would be working people or people who are used to play on PC, will get satisfaction with the tablet as their main device and will prefer to give a replacement of PC with a tablet.

Study shows in the last year at countries like China, France, Japan, Germany, U.K, Italy. Only U.S and Japan were using two third of tablets outside the home for different activities. The scenario is same as the smartphones.

You may think, Why I have done so much discussion on gadgets? Well, selling of the device has a direct concern with the use of the OS!! As per choice will change, the selling of OS and use of OS will change. That is the most interesting part for DEVELOPERS.

Android os Here we go, now look at the table below. A Forecast of OS embedded device shipping is also has changed. As tablet replaced PC, shipping of an Android operating system embedded devices have also increased. It means Android is replacing Windows with big margin. Simply “A Big Demand Of Android Developers”.

Android is being a top OS compared to Windows, iOS. No one has a beat Android OS. It is expected that Android shipping would increase 26% more and  will reach to 1.1 billion users in this year.  Android having largest number of installed based devices and that is also on low cost.

I agree that things keep changing more frequently than predicted. This prediction is based on the current scenario, past scenario. There may be continuous change or discontinuous change you can’t predict. Possibility is what the report is telling and upcoming market of Android is telling.

Chrome books are there to clean the iOS and windows OS, Mozilla is also taking share from Android, and moreover the day may not be so far that Microsoft will take share from Android to manage tables and phones. This is all in the cloud, but as the scenario going on undoubtedly Android OS leading into phones and tablets. And now it’s trying to cover whole the world by introducing Android OS for PCs!!!

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