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Industrial Visit of R.K University, Rajkot on 27th September 2014

One more industrial visit at TOPS Technologies is back to back visit from Rajkot. R.K University of RAJKOT had visited to TOPS Technologies after the successful visit of Gajera Sankul College, Rajkot which shows the excellence of the TOPS Technologies. The aspect of letting the students to be closer to the real working environment of the industry and get a knowledge for which students are skeptical before joining any Industry.

Professors and the coordinator had impressed by the transparency of our TOPS team who were so open to the students to clear their doubts during personal talk. This is all because TOPS aim to deliver 100% worth visit to the Students who are visiting at TOPS.

On what subjects TOPS focus to make the Industrial visit productive for Students are:

We spotlight on preparing the students to learn about the day to day working of the particular industry and make them understand its operations.

We permit students to have an interaction with the developers of our company and arrange an open discussion to let students openly talk about their views and area of problems, in parallel we give them our suggestions and solutions to their problems.
We deliver information on what existing management practices followed by the organizations and which traits industries are demanding.

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What you can get from it.

You can get thorough knowledge in your field of an interest which can assist you to decide on the right career choice in the future.

You can build the network and sharpen the communication skills.

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