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    New Changes to the Cisco CCNA Certifications and How to Pass them in 2020.

    Cisco in February 2020 has updated all the 3 Certification tracks for CCNA CCNP and CCIE and added new content to cover the job functions that Cisco Certified Engineer is supposed to perform. Computer Hardware Networking is fast evolving with computers and Networks becoming critical in 2020.

    So How will you Pass the CCNA Certification Exam and what has changed?

    Earlier Cisco used to have a certification paper called the CCENT which was the exam before CCNA, after CCENT was discountinued they offered 10 different sub topics within CCNA like Routing, Switching and Collobration.

    Now CCENT the basic paper before CCNA is discontinued and now all the separate 10 sub topic are included in 1 paper of CCNA paper.

    Interestingly most of the topics in the new CCNA exam are from Routing and Switching paper and around 33% new topics and materials added.

    So is CCNA required to pass the advance Cisco papers like CCIE and CCNP?

    The answer is definitely not. But it definitely helps clear the basics of fundamental networking skills that every network engineer would need to possess to become competitive in today Job Market.

    CCNP is the 2nd level of paper and most students appearing for the paper have cleared CCNA and have 1-2 years of experience before they appear for this paper. In 2020 even the CCNP paper has changed but not that heavily, earlier the ccnp paper used to have 8 sections which have been reduced to 5 sections. These 5 sections are Enterprise, Security,  Service Provider, Collobration, and Data Center. The best part of the new methodology is that you can do a specialization in CCNP in any of the 5 topics and can get a Cisco Certified Specialist Certification in the topic of your expertise.

    CCIE is the final stage paper and is considered the most difficult paper of all. Even the CCIE will now only have the 5 tracks Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, Collobration, and Data Center. To get the CCIE exam Certification the student will have to clear one core exam of the main 5 like Enterprise or Security and the practical exam for that topic.

    The biggest changes that are happening to the paper is most of the papers will now have extensive Practical project based learning and implementing real life scenarios.

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