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    JAVA vs. PHP – Matter of Opting Between Two Open Source Languages

    Obviously it’s been tough for anyone when JAVA and PHP both are standing cut to cut. It is like giving an order from Belgium chocolate cake and Belgium chocolate chip cake. You can’t find a big distinction.

    You can find many vast differences between open source and premium programming languages. But when both are open source you might be thinking that both are having same structure and both are selective, but it is not so true as far. JAVA and PHP both are having different operating way and functionality. The choice of which functionality to be used is fairly depends upon the task to be achieved.

    If you are trying to analyze as per the future of JAVA and PHP languages to get the best return in the future, then I must say both are standing with great persistence, both are holding up well known web sites of today’s and delivering the best profit, but though the implementation of both depends upon the complexity and the size of the site. Why ? You will find it below.

    Strong vs. Weakly typed language

    JAVA is strongly typed language where as PHP is a weakly typed language. First when we look at the JAVA then yes JAVA requires explicit statements of intent to function which is backed by a compiler, it means JAVA holds strict expectation based on how you state inputs and outputs. The Compiler will fail until the error gets resolved. Secondly, when we go with PHP, It is more flexible, which is having concern with how task get achieved. If you want to do programming in PHP, you can do it easily if you are having a formal knowledge of it, but this may create complications if the task is complex as PHP lack of standards.

    Result: JAVA


    Web application created by JAVA is done by Servlets, and Struts which is complicated to create and deploy it. This complication had not been got over even after HTML, as it limits the interaction. CGI Perls scripts are also awkward and difficult.

    While we talk about PHP it’s very easy to create and deploy. For an instance, you can add date on your webpage just by renaming .html to .PHP and insert

    Result: PHP


    Functionality only does not attract users in this high competition era. What other factor can win is attractive designing of your website, that is done by HTML.

    You can accomplish it by HTML built in Dreamweaver to give an attractive look to your website which is easily expandable with PHP to function it dynamically while JAVA doesn’t work so well with it.

    JAVA has reduced the difficulty by introducing frameworks like TAPESTRY or WICKET on the other side PHP have introduced frameworks, for example ZEND, SYMFONY or CODE IGNITER which has brought design models to PHP developers.

    Result: Tie

    Language type:

    PHP is a server side language, it means when you will execute the code it will execute in the actual server, In contrast JAVA is a client side choice, It means if the user does not hold right program for an example JRE ( JAVA Runtime Environment ) there are chances that your page will not appear. In this case you won’t find any problem with PHP.

    Result: PHP


    When you will work with PHP you will find some of important weaknesses, first come across in PHP is backward compatibility. Sometimes you will have issues when the data that you have created in older version going to share using newer version. Or sometimes what happens is that you can read the old data, but you might face problems when you try to write data. There is not any real deprecation mechanism for PHP leads to mess in libraries and functionality towards lacking in delivering clean platform which PHP has decided to deliver in version 6.

    But when you will look at the JAVA you will find no mess in libraries, it has very well defined and clean libraries which holds all quality standards.

    Result: : JAVA


    This is quite tricky to assess performance based on speed, but what I have derived is JAVA is faster as it is pre compiled, it means any algorithm in JAVA will run faster which is due to improved code, JIT compiler and standard libraries.

    On the other side PHP is loaded and interpreted every time. But nowadays ZEND has solved it. You can optimize using ZEND as objects, are initialized on every execution. So if you are using other resources to overcome such issues,, then yes, you can find PHP with greater speed than JAVA.

    Result: JAVA


    JAVA Business Integration (JBI) is a specification developed under the JAVA Community Process (JCP) for an approach to implementing a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Integration is the strongest part of JAVA, it holds industry standards as well provides many standard implementations.

    Integration is the weakest part of PHP. Implementations can be done either partially or very primary. For an instants ZEND open ID. In PHP integration id done through database layer to other services.

    Result: JAVA


    No one is going to reinvent PHP or JAVA. What you can do is solve the problems which are there in JAVA and PHP to make it better and better.

    You can find many of modular software in the market. Some are free and some are premium, but you will still find PHP expose more problematic than JAVA. There is one real time examples that how PHP is facing problems. For an instant PHP module developer created own concept like a ZEND loader was created by ZEND as a package substitutes which are limited to framework for which it is written. When it comes to JAVA than it is already well modularized with its complicated concept of packages and class loading.

    When we look at the tool supports and installing the framework, then JAVA has better tool support of Maven, JAVA doc, J Unit which can be easily installed in any framework. On the other side PHP is also working hard to make a better tool support of Pake/ phing, PHP Doc imentor, PHP Unit / lime.


    Problem formulation, software designing and developer’s capability: these three attributes are more significant than any other languages and tools. Nevertheless hurdle that come across during the development only can overcome by certain technologies or other languages which is very apparent from the side of developers.


    The best attribute of PHP is the flexibility that you can put it anywhere and it is free! You can put it on any web hosting platform to use, the reason behind this is that the code is processed totally on the server side and delivered as dynamic content to viewers.

    For very vast scale operations which need to work on all system architecture PHP would be the best choice and that have made it known as programming language of the people, but it is being unlikable when the talk goes to coding standards.

    If you are looking for getting started with flexible and universal option, PHP is best study case for you.


    When things go beyond simplicity, you can employ a development team to the website that holds complex modules which can be picked up by any developer and run easily due to the tight controls on the language.

    This is executed easily and economically with JAVA when the matter goes with complicated object oriented programming. It’s true that PHP is economical but when concern to object oriented programming, PHP requires additional workarounds, scripting which turns it costly. And Tight programming controls have given the best gift to JAVA is most secure language that is known to all which is making big businesses prefer to work with JAVA whilst PHP have faced more security vulnerabilities this year.

    If you are looking for the programming language which strictly holds programming standards, then, yes, you have done right choice by selecting JAVA.

    In Brief

    It makes JAVA a good choice when development is complicated and relies on team work, it is easily accomplished by precisely defining standards for easier understanding and greater efficiency among teams. On the opposite side where PHP is an easily accessible language to any, no matter he is experienced programmer or inexperienced programmer. It would be an economical choice for simple functions working with small teams using decided coding standards.

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