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HTML5 the Future of Game: Learn HTML5, to Craft your Career in Game Development

HTML5: one language that is supplanting the market of mobile applications and flash games. Learning the HTML5 opens two paths for developing your career. Either you can walk on the path of mobile web development or you can walk on the path of Game development!! Nothing would be greater than that.

If we look at the data of game application download rate, then you will see that the rate of game application has increased due to the decreased users of game applications. The matured browser of Smart Phones and i-Pads has changed the choice of Users. Users are looking towards online games that they can play with their friends like a Facebook game. It is correct that all the Facebook games have developed using Flash, but the advanced features of HTML5 going to take over Flash.

Have a look at the features of HTML5 those are dominating the power of Flash in the market of Game development.

Powerful Browses are Compatible for HTML5:

The smart phones and tablets have the best featured browsers those are supporting HTML5 games which has diverted the rush of users from game apps to the online games. Lack of powerful browser was the hurdle for HTML5 games which have been detached now that shows the bright future of HTML5 games.

Low Cost Production:

HTML5 reduces the development time of a game and cost. Developers can reuse the code created for a game using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. It means you no need develop same code again and again for Android, Windows or iOS which resulted high efficiency and low cost production.

Big Examples of Success of HTML5 Game Development:

HTML5 already has gotten the drift in the market. Angry birds and cut the ropes these both are the most popular games of 2014 which have developed using html5. Furthermore, you can see the big brands which have jumped into HTML5 game development, HBO and McDonalds are the examples of big brands that are leveraging on HTML5 for their games.

Users look for fewer attempts to hands on Game:

Gameholic want to hands on game with zero efforts. They are not interested in going across niggling process of searching and downloading games to get hands on it. HTML5 game does not need any process for getting hands on the game. Users can instantly start to play game by browsing it online.

User can share with mere efforts:

Users not only easily hands on the game, but also easily share with zero efforts. What they want to do is just copy the URL and paste on the social media platform. By this mean you not only can share games with your friends, but can also easily access the games shared by your friends. HTML5 games are just one click far from you.

Easy for Both: Users and Developers

Another most significant user perspective benefit of HTML5 games is, you do not need to update your game to get the advanced version of the game. On the other side if we look from the developers’ perspective, then they are free of worry about the error as with the HTML5 developer can rapidly solve the error and update it, contrast to the game applications.

So what are you waiting for, get the best opportunity to craft your career in Game development by learning HTML5. TOPS Technologies is an outsourcing company that has set 20+ centers across the India to provide technology based training with a 100% placement guarantee. To know more about TOPS technologies services, visit nearer training center.

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