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    How to Write a Resume – Your First Step towards Acquiring an Android Job

    Resume writing is your very first step towards acquiring an Android job. It is your ticket to the Android job you have applied for. To put it in simple words, it is a summary of one’s applicable skills, education, experience and personal accomplishments. The sole purpose of writing a resume is to effectively sell your credentials by highlighting your Android skills, academic history in Android, professional background, achievements and future potentials.

    Before creating a resume, the utmost thing you should keep in mind is that the Employer is going to screen your resume just for 15-20 minutes. You need to maximize the effect of your resume in those few minutes. For this, a proper planning and thought is required. Let’s discuss.

    The different sections to be included in a good resume for an Android job:

    1. The header:

    This section should include your basic contact information, for the very purpose that the Employer can contact you. The various fields required to be included are- Your name, current address, email id, phone number and date of birth.

    Certain Don’ts that you need to take care

    • Do not include unnecessary information like your marital status etc
    • Do not include your photo
    • Do not give “resume” as your title

    2. The Objective:

    This section should convey your purpose of getting a particular position in Android; and the Android job you are seeking for in the organization .It should include

    • Position wanted
    • Industry required
    • Functional area

    You should keep the Employer’s requirement in mind while mentioning the objective.

    3. Education:

    This section is for the Employer to check for the basic educational requirement of the Android job, you are applying for.

    Write all your Educational qualification from class 10 till present, in a reverse chronological order i.e. the latest qualification in last. You may write your qualification in a tabular form to get a better idea.

    Remember, when applying for core roles like that of an Android job, you need to mention your related educational qualification of the Android technology.

    4. Practical experience such as Projects, Internship etc:

    In this part, you need to include your real hands on work in Android and the initiatives you have taken apart from your curriculum- such as any Android projects, internships in Android, in plant training, part time jobs in Android, volunteer experience etc. This will reflect your real potential as well as differentiate you from your peers.

    You may present this under different titles mentioning the title or name of the project, the role, the organization name and the time period for the project. The entries made should be in a reverse chronological order. Try to be very specific in what you have achieved, rather than just giving generic statements.

    5. Skills:

    This section is to show, how equipped you are in the sense of personality as well as occupational skills. Here, you need to write about what you have learnt about, from your practical experience in Android. You can have multiple headings such as

    • Soft skills
    • Core/Occupational skills
    • IT skills –as you are applying for the Android  job

    You need to pick up 3 or 4 of the unique skills that you possess and portray them in the best possible way.

    6. Web presence:

    In this web era, let the employer know that you are keeping pace with the trends. So if you have a great LinkedIn profile or a meaningful website or blog, then portray your initiatives by providing your web links, which adds value to your profile. It will definitely give you an edge, when the employer screens it. Make sure that the links you provide are professional and do not add any of your social networking accounts like that of a Facebook, Orkut or Twitter.

    7. Interests:

    Your interests speak about your character. Therefore, carefully think over and choose those interests related to Android, which you want to showcase in your profile.

    • Make a list of the interest that are meaningful and display some interest.
    • Provide with a crisp point in support of your interest.
    • Do not list any random cluster of interests like reading, adventure, entertainment or so.

    Finishing touches:

    Now that the first draft of your resume for the Android job is ready. Complete it with certain finishing touches to be made.

    • Save the copy of your resume as a “.doc” file.
    • Make sure, your resume does not exceed 2 pages.
    • Have a .pdf format of your resume, so that you can send your resume in .pdf format.
    • The name of your file should contain the word “resume” and your full name in it.
    • Have a thorough checking of any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
    • Get your resume reviewed by a third person for any errors.

    So you are ready with your resume for an Android job. Then, get -set –go to snap your desired android job.

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