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Future Scope of Mobile Application Testing










Increased popularity of smart phone has increased the use of mobile application or increased popularity of applications have increased the use of smart phone!! Whatever reason is, but one thing is very clear that Mobile applications are as popular as mobiles.

You can see the Growth of Mobile Application Market from the following figure:

  • 29 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2011
  • 185 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2014
  • 180 % growth, which is a very big margin in the field of mobile application.

Number of free mobile app downloads worldwide from 2012 to 2017 (in billions)













Number of paid mobile app downloads worldwide from 2011 to 2017 (in billions)













Due to this hard hitting competition among mobile application developers lead them to develop an application which serves a different purpose of the users and make their daily task easy. But developers overlook a complete software development life cycle and skip or allot less time for testing an application as they want to fill their pockets with bucks by launching new applications rapidly in the market.

Result, Failure of Mobile Applications has increased at the same time:

Creating an application and launching it in the market cannot make your application popular. It needs to go through a complete life cycle to make it successful and user likely.

What are the issues that have increased failure rate of the mobile applications from user side are: Apps looks good but don’t work well, some applications use too much battery life, some applications use more storage place, some mobile application demands frequent updates, some applications runs very slow, some apps crash the phone, some of created with no purpose.

The other area on which developers are creating an application required testing to make it accurate otherwise it can be dangerous:

M-health: Mobile health -applications are being popular in the market, but it needs to give you precise information. If the information is not accurate, it can be fetish or it can miss guide the users.

M-payment: Mobile payment- applications are being popular as you can pay for whatever you pursue which demands high security of your data privacy. If the application does not hold high barrier to data privacy your data can be leaked.

Navatar: Application which is created to assist visually impaired and blind individuals to assist them in leading new places with ease.

How to deal with Failure of the Mobile Applications:

Focusing user demand and focusing on the issue that users don’t want to see in the mobile application. This is the key of successful application. This is only possible by developing an application and allotting enough time for testing all the areas of your mobile application to search the faults and remove it.

What are the Areas of Mobile Application which Demands Mobile Testing?

Testing required in below areas of mobile application to give the best mobile application to the users:

Mobile Connectivity: Need to test the mobile connectivity, reliability, performance, security and functionality testing through different networks of mobile connectivity.

Limited Resources: Need to test performance and functionality monitoring (for an e.g. 512 MB of RAM, 64GB of disk space and 1 GHz dual core CPU)

Autonomy: One of the Most important part of testing, Monitoring for energy consumption (for an e.g. 175 Hours autonomy in standby.. Drops to, 8 hours when wi fi is enabled.. Drops to, 5 hours when 3G connection is active, New OS release to increase autonomy)

User Interface: GUI testing is another most important area to test and improve from the user perspective.

Context Awareness: Most important key to success of any mobile application is Testing and deploy the best of Context dependent functionality and extra functional testing, which focus on, is the application is going to work in any environment and in any unpredictable scenarios?

Adaptation: Testing and correcting Adaptation of mobile application.
New Program: New white board and black board testing of a new program created for new mobile application and byte code analysis.

New OS: If using the new OS for mobile application need to test compatibility and OS testing.

Diversity of Phone and OS: Diversity coverage (1800 different hw/sw configuration)

Touch Screen: Testing of Usability and response to screen touch is required.

Check the Focus areas for testing mobile applications from 2013 to 2016



The scope of the mobile testing will be bright until mobiles are going to be used in real life. As without testing you can’t develop a perfect application. And if the application is not perfect it is going to fail in the market.

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