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Workshop on PHP and WordPress conducted on 18th and 19th Sept 2014 at T.N.RAO College, Rajkot.

The objective of TOPS behind the workshops is simply to develop a practical skills, techniques and ideas in students which they can use during application development.

As nowadays you will find numerous technologies coming in the market gradually to develop web applications and mobile applications, and it is impossible for one and all to deal with each and every web technology to learn and understand, but one can aware students by conducting Workshops about new technologies.

TOPS technologies provides a platform to aware students about new technologies by making them look closely, ideate and evaluate it. The significance of the TOPS workshop is that you can have a free workshop!! Yes, TOPS offers free workshop of one day on the technology of your interest and two day workshop is paid with a nominal charge.

Here are some images that we have clicked during the workshop conducted at T.N.RAO College, Rajkot on PHP and WordPress which was two days paid workshop.

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A Look at the workshop which TOPS had delivered at T.N.RAO College, Rajkot on 18th and 19th Sept 2014, to know what it serves:

The workshop had started with the brief introduction about TOPS technologies and subsequently expert delivered a lecture on PHP, focusing on major topics as follows and hands on practice on the demo of installation as well a small application which covers all the basics of PHP. TOPS served the concise knowledge of PHP programming and its use with MySQL.

PHP is the first server side language that can be embedded in the HTML code rather than calling external file to process data, these aspects let us embed it in CMS. The second day of our workshop had focused on that and delivered a workshop on the WORDPRESS technology.

The Advantages workshop teaches are:

Awareness of new technology.
Installation and advantages of technology.
Thorough knowledge of the technology.
Hand on practice on a Demo applications.
Certification of attending workshop.
Exposure to the industrial trainers and an opportunity to have face to face solutions to your queries.
Scope of technology and reasons to learn that technology.

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