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TOPS Technologies Surat Center Students and staff spends a cheerful day together- A Picnic to Saputara

1st November 2015, 5:30am, 43 students and 8 staff members of TOPS Technologies started their journey towards Saputara-a hill station on a plateau in the Dang forest area of Western Ghats (Approximate distance 400km Surat Saputara return). The Dangi enclave derives its name from the Snake god revered by the tribals and translates as ‘the abode of serpents’, Saputara. It is the only hill station of Gujarat. The very purpose of selecting this location was to take a deep breath in the womb of Nature!! All staff and students enjoyed the trip fully.

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While traveling through bus they played Antakshari and some students cracked jokes too. After having a breakfast on the way, they reached Saputara around 10am.As the bus chugged uphill, crisscrossing over the Ambika river, they left all the congestion of towns and cities far below them and entered the spirit world of tribal people. Firstly they visited natural places like streams, lakes, points etc. They also enjoyed boating and photography. Before having lunch they visited a museum too.

After having lunch there were some activities organized for students like, Random Cheat Activity, Truth and Dare, Solo Dance and Group Dance, etc. They enjoyed a game called “Photo Scavenger Hunt” a lot. All activities continued till 5:00pm. Almost all of the students participated in to it and then they left Saputara. They had their dinner on the way back and arrived Surat around 9:30pm.

The day passed just in a blink of an eye but yes it surely provided entertainment and refreshment to all so that they returned back rejuvenated.

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