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Industrial visit of Sunshine college, Rajkot on 22nd November 2014 at TOPS Technologies.

Sunshine College of Rajkot stands in one of the well known educational institute of IT and Management, has come at TOPS Technologies on 22nd November 2014 for an industrial visit. This was the back to back third visit from Rajkot, shows the enthusiasm of TOPS Technologies who focus on students to serve the purpose for what they are visiting an Industry.

TOPS Technologies provides an insight on how the company functions in the real time environment and let the students experience it. Moreover, TOPS Technologies tries to give the best information associated with the practical aspects of the courses that students can not visualize during lectures. This is somewhat that makes an Industrial visit at TOPS Technologies productive and extraordinary for students in contrast to other Industrial visits.

The Industrial visit had started with the pre briefing of the organizational framework and what experience they will have in this organization which they are not gaining in the institution which had ended with the post briefing which includes the feedback of students about the company and open discussion of students and developers to solve the queries of students.

TOPS Technologies welcomes any of college for an Industrial visit with the same enthusiasm. To arrange an Industrial visit at TOPS Technologies feel free to contact us.





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