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Gyanmanjari Institute Of Technology Industrial Visits on 30th June 2018

Gyanmanjari Institute Of Technology Industrial Visits on 30th June at TOPS Technologies

TOPS Technologies always believes in offering Industrial exposure to their students. To demonstrate the practicality of Industry, there were many workshops organized at different locations of TOPS across Gujarat. In which Renowned colleges like Gyanmanjari Institute Of Technology, Bhavnagar College has participated along with their College faculties and the expert sessions were delivered on the Technologies like PHP by the Expert Trainers of TOPS. There were around 120+ students who have gained theory as well as practical knowledge of PHP.

Such Sessions and visits have benefited the students to get the Industrial Exposure and have also helped them in their final Year project. Here we are sharing a glimpse of these visits with photographs.

“Expert Session on PHP by Mr. Jay Amin”


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