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Expert session TIPS for Software Testers by Lodestone – 19th Feb 2018

Lodestone, a dedicated onshore/offshore software development, and Testing Services Company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat recently visited TOPS Training centers. Lodestone has also been a strong Recruiting Client of TOPS and has hired a lot of students trained by TOPS Technologies.

The purpose of the session was to make students realize how critical thinking and/or “Thinking outside of the box will help them in their careers as a software tester.

Lodestone at TOPS Technologies

Lodestone at TOPS Technologies

After the session, the students were assigned a task to perform what they had learned. A lot of students successfully cracked the test.

Lodestone at TOPS Technologies

Lodestone at TOPS Technologies

Result: The students loved the exposure of interacting with the company directly and got more exposure to real life applications while undergoing their training at TOPS.

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