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    Cloud Computing

    Windows Azure/ Amazon AWS

    Windows Azure is a platform built by Microsoft allowing thousands of users across various countries and continents to share data centres. It allows users to build and deploy applications in the cloud without investing millions of $’s in data centre costs.

    Windows Azure/ Amazon AWS/ Cloud Computing Platforms allow software developers an ability to use data centres and hardware that were earlier only available to the most successful companies. Imagine a small developer wanting to develop a youtube like a site, without cloud computing it would be almost impossible. With Windows Azure, users can build a system as large as a youtube without any upfront investments.

    In most cases Windows Azure and AWS allow developers to build applications and software on .Net, Java as well as PHP. The best example of benefits of Cloud Computing could be users which spike at certain times of a day. Imagine the same data centre serving news from 8-10 AM and 10-12 AM Indian railways selling their tickets and 12-5 Stock Market Brokers using the infrastructure for fast trading. Instead of all the 3 clients building their own data centres, they can all share resources and save thousands of Dollars.

    TOPS Technologies has extensive experience in building applications in the cloud over the Windows Azure as well as Amazon AWS Platform. TOPS offers training and Outsourcing services in the cloud.

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