Android Training – 7 Easy Steps to Create an Android Application Project using Eclipse IDE

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

One of the basic things taught at an Android training would be the creation of an Android project. The aim of this article is to help the novice readers or Android learners get know how of how actually are the Android projects are created by the developers in actual work environment using the Eclipse plug-in or the command line tools. So before we start creating an Android Project, let us first learn what actually it is. An android project is like a container that stores application source code, directories and files such as AndroidManifest.xml, build.xml,, etc. These projects can be created using the Eclipse tool and ADT or can also be generated using the SDK tools from command line. Once this project is developed, it gets eventually stored in .apk file format which can be installed on the device. However there are some pre-requisite tools or software that your PC should contain in order to support this development of Android applications project. Hence you should install the following software before actually starting the development process.
  • Complete Android SDK environment along with packages
  • Eclipse IDE with ADT Plugin

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Steps to Create an Android Project using Eclipse IDE

  1. In order to create a new Android project in Eclipse IDE, one would need to start up with selection of New option in the tool bar.
  2. This action will open up a window containing an Android folder. Double-click on this folder to open it and then select the option “Android Application Project” followed by “Next”. This will open up a form in window titled as “New Android Application
  3. The form will prompt the user to enter the details like the application name, project name and package name. The user will have to select an option for the minimum required SDK, target SDK, compile with and theme boxes in the form.
  • In the application name, you can enter any name which you want to give and is relevant to your application. The project name you enter besides the project name text will be the name of the project directory you are creating and hence will be visible in Eclipse. Package name text box field will take a namespace as its value and hence you need to enter the namespace for the app you are creating. The name should be unique adhering to the rules that are usually followed in naming the packages created in Java.
  • The minimum required SDK indicates the lowest android version that the application created can support. Set this value to the lowest android version, in order to support as many devices as possible for your application project.
  • Find out the highest Android version your application project and can support and hence enter the value of this version in the field opposite to the target SDK. Update this option, after testing your application whenever the newer Android versions are introduced. This will give you benefit of being able to use the latest features of the new platform.
  • “Compile with” as the name suggests is the Android version or platform with which you want to compile your application. Be default this value will be set to the latest version of Android supported by your SDK installed in your PC.
  • Theme is the style you want to apply for your application.

After entering the values in the form, click on Next button to move forward with project creation process. The next button will lead you to a screen that will contain your project configuration details. A better option to handle this would be to keep the default selections as it is and just click on the Next button.

  1. The next screen will prompt you to create an icon for your application. Just customize your icon in such a way that it is appropriate for your application. Once you are done with icon creation, just click on Next.
  2. You can now start building your app by selecting an activity template. Select the option Blank Activity in the project and click Next.
  3. The next screen will be the configuration or details of the activity template which can be left as it is. Finally click on finish and you have accomplished the activity of creating an Android application project.

Hence you have successfully created an Android application project which by default will have a few files in it. You can start building your own app in order to add on to this project. 

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