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    Android – The Next Big Thing

    What is Android?

    Android is a powerful Operating System (OS) developed by Google. It is supporting a large number of applications in touch screen Smart Phones and Tablets worldwide.

    Android is a Linux-based software system, and similar to Linux, is free and open source software. This means that other companies can use the Android operating system developed by Google and use it in their mobile devices by adding their own necessary changes.

    Benefits of Android

    Android OS is the most modern platform and its share in the market is growing at enormously. Android devices have got a tremendous response from the users. One of the best features of Android is the integration of other Google products and services into it and its Multiple Applications running ability at the same time.

    Android Tablets are among the interesting way to watching online videos. They are portable, light and also have a huge good responsive touch screen display making the viewing experience a pleasure.

    The connectivity of android enabled devices is advanced with most of the latest devices running on 3G enabled networks. It has the latest secure Bluetooth connectivity facility. User can also do multitasking through the phone which makes it more interesting.

    Since, April 2009, many Android versions have been developed and released and each time it has came with many inputs that has enhanced the overall experience of the OS and its functionality. The latest version used by Android is Jelly bean.

    Scope for Android

    It’s an open fact that mobile applications are in demand, and will continue to be so! The new generation consumer wants much more from their phones than ever before. Professionals want instant access to all their business documents, planners, emails etc. on their phones, and for that a larger device is not a comfortable option all time.

    All are switching from their laptops, notebooks and other devices to personal smart phones and it clearly highlights the upcoming demand and growing need for a really smart Mobile Application Developers in the Market.

    Here’s why you should learn Android Development:

    • Android has a large community of developers writing applications (“apps“) that extend the functionality of devices
    • For software development, Android provides Android SDK (Software development kit).
    • Booming Indian Mobile Applications Market is another big scope
    • No expertise skill sets are required for developers seeking Android jobs as they are very basic.
    • Salary standards in India for Application developers are good.

    With Androids mammoth step towards including other product other than smart phones and tablets like entry into smart television, watches, music systems and many other household such as switches, thermostats power sockets etc. It has opened up an unbelievable market for the Android developer enthusiast and assures luring career opportunities which will take the current craze for Android products to pinnacle.

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