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Android 5.0 L: Experience The New Features With Me

Here the curiosity gets over!!

Yes, Android L one of the most awaiting and big update unveils the name of its new version Android 5.0 a few days back. Users can order it now!! It’s already been launched in the U.K on 3rd November 2014. You would be a lucky person if you have Pre ordered Nexus 9 tablet or Nexus 6 Smartphone to experience Android 5.0 L. If not, it’s not so late yet.

I have analyzed Android 5.0 L from Users perspective and Developers perspective to update both the groups about what they are going to experience. In this new version of an Android, you will experience numerous overhauls to give you the best gadgets, contrast to others. Here, let’s we have a journey of Android 5.0 L from its name to the changes which you will experience.

Android 5.0 L? Lollipop or LMP – Lemon Meringue Pie!!!! The Result is LOLLIPOP

Android Version 5.0 L

Yes, Google has named Android 5.0 L with the most expected name LOLLIPOP to its new version by keeping aside other relevance name like Lemon Meringue pie.

What are the Major Changes in Android 5.0 L?

So are you ready to get your hand dirty with Lollipop? , If yes then yeah, you will experience some of the drastic changes which you have not been experienced with previous version. You will see the surprising visual display quality in Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 5 Smartphone which is one of the major parts on which Google has worked and renovate it.

What is the most annoying task with the mobile? What you called annoying task in mobile? From my side, it’s Charging mobile battery. I guess there would be the big group of users that agrees with me. Google has tried its best to erase your annoy some task by introducing 64-bit processor support to give a long battery life and give a tough competition to iPhone 8.

Subsequently, you will get continuous drip feeding new features in Android 5.0 L which will keep you with it forever.

Android 5.0 L User Interface:

You will get sleek and fresh modern look of an Android 5.0 L user interface. Google refers user interface as Material Design. Material design gives more options for styling an application. This user interface subject is very deep and here I have present prominent features of an Android 5.0 L. Moreover, you can specify now elevation view that permits you to raise cast dynamic shadow as well as user interface elements.


android theme colors

As you know that the User interface of an Android is already available in light and dark theme. Now developers can customize the user interface and theme colors of areas like navigation bar, status bar and other interface elements. If you are willing to learn Android 5.0 L and want to hands-on in Android 5.0 L, join our Android training course and learn the whole lot about Android.


You will get 2 more user interface widgets in Android 5.0 L. Recycle view of List view class is now more advanced and flexible, which is perfect for listing dynamically changing elements. You will get an extended layout of card view class, so that you can easily add information inside cards which can be modified easily. In addition, you can change the background color, card’s elevation and corner radius with the ease.


Before in animation of any material theme, you could only modify it, but the new version of Android 5.0 L gives you a new set of APIs that will let you create custom animations for your themes. What you could do with this custom animation options are:

Touch Feedback Animation: To respond to touch events.
Reveal effect Animation: To Hide and show views.
Custom activity Animation: To switch between activities.
Curved motion Animation: To create more natural animations.
View state change animation: To change the view properties.


Now you will see notifications on your lock screen as well one new property of notification that you will have on your Android 5.0 L is heads-up notification. This head-up notification will appear at the top side of your full screen which you can easily put out of action it by just swipe it.

Android 5.0 L notification


Android 5.0 L has said bye to a DALVIK virtual machine which runs the application and code written in Java, and has greeted to ART with adding a many more new features to enhance the quality of guard.

Ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation
Improved garbage collection
Development and debugging improvements

Project Volta for your Battery

Project Volta will be the part of an Android 5.0 L which will asset in improving battery performance, consists of three main components which are as follow:

Battery Historian: measures battery discharge by visualizing power consumption of an application.

Job Scheduler: It will schedule maintenance task while the device is charging to improve power consumptions of an application.

Battery Saver Mode: That decrease the screen refresh and turn off the background data. You can do it manually as well as automatically when the battery is near to a certain level of discharge.

Note: Although what I have experienced is KitKat has a better battery life than Lollipop.

Recent Apps Screen

Android 5.0 L has improved the recent apps interface by enabling developers to mark any activity within your app and have treated it as new task by the recent application screen which was previously limited to a single instance of an app.

Well, I Have discussed here what I felt important from my perspective, but I assure that you will get many more things unsaid by me while you will experience an Android 5.0 L on your hand.

How about the gadgets having older version of Android?

If you are using Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 Smartphone and Nexus 10 tablets, then there would be no more waiting to get a Lollipop in your hand. The OS of these devices will be updated within some coming weeks.

The expecting date of OTA update is expected on the 3rd November which would be limited to some Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 which are having Wi-Fi versions of 2012 and 2013. But, the users of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have to wait some more time to enjoy the lollipop as it will take time to update.

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