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Silverlight Training

TOPS Technologies offers training in all Web Technologies. Our expertise is in training students in ASP.Net, VB.Net, PHP, Java, Open CMS, Drupal, Joomla, Software Testing (Manual and Automation), QTP, and Loadrunner and enabling them to get employment with various companies in Gujarat.

TOPS Technologies provides Silverlight Training with excellence.The Course includes the labs and lectures to explain and make the student understand the features of Silverlight. Key aspects in Silverlight Training Course are working with numerous sandboxed and elevated out of browser features, implicit styling, webcam, drag and drop, multi touch, validation, authentication, MEF, WCF RIA Services, right mouse click, and much more.

Silverlight training at TOPS is focused towards educating students about development of rich internet applications that can run on almost any platform or browser. Our Silverlight training course introduces a learner with XAML, silverlight plug-ins, SDK and controls, Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), event handling, data access, data controls, data binding and Silverlight animation and media resources. Creating interactive web applications using dynamic languages like C# is what you will learn in this Silverlight training offered at TOPS.

Silverlight Training Course:

Introduction to Silverlight

Client-side Web Technologies The Silverlight Plug-in The

Silverlight SDK

Introduction to Silverlight

  • JavaScript API for Silverlight
  • Application Package (.xap)
  • Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight
  • Visual Studio 2010 Designer Support
  • Silverlight Controls
  • Layout Panels
  • Handling Events
  • Managed API for Silverlight
  • Interactive Web Applications Using C#
  • Using XAML

  • Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
  • Elements and Attributes
  • Property Elements
  • Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
  • Canvas
  • XAML and C#
  • XamlReader
  • Type Converters
  • Content Property
  • Collections
  • Attached Properties
  • Shapes and Lines

  • Rectangles
  • Ellipses
  • Polygons
  • Lines and Polylines
  • Curves
  • Paths
  • Geometries
  • Strokes Text and Fonts
  • TextBlock
  • Fonts
  • Run
  • LineBreak
  • Brushes and Images

  • Color and Opacity
  • SolidColorBrush
  • Linear Gradient Brush
  • Radial Gradient Brush
  • Image
  • ImageBrush
  • Handling Events

  • Event Handlers
  • Dynamic Event Handlers
  • Drag and Drop
  • Mouse Events
  • Rubber Band Drawing
  • Routed Events
  • Rubber Band Drawing
  • Rubber Band Drawing
  • Rubber Band Drawing
  • Layout

  • Sizing Elements
  • Z-Order
  • Margin and Padding
  • StackPanel
  • Grid
  • Positioning Elements
  • Clipping
  • Animation and Media

  • Animation using Background Worker
  • Silverlight Animation
  • Video and Audio
  • Resources
  • Application Structure and Networking

  • Silverlight Application Structure
  • Application Caching
  • WebClient
  • Loading Assemblies on Demand
  • Downloading Content on Demand
  • Web Services

  • Implementing Web Services Using WCF
  • REST-based Web Services
  • SOAP-based Web Services
  • Data Controls and Data Binding

  • ListBox
  • DataPager
  • DataGrid
  • Dependency Properties
  • Change Notification
  • Binding to a Collection
  • Data Access

  • Using Web Services
  • Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Entity Data Model
  • WCF Data Services
  • LINQ to XML
  • Isolated Storage
  • Additional Features

  • HTML Bridge
  • JavaScript to Managed Code
  • Managed Code to JavaScript
  • Out-of-Browser Support
  • Elevated Trust
  • Printing
  • Clipboard
  • Learning Resources

  • Translate Transform
  • Rotate Transform
  • Scale Transform
  • Skew Transform
  • Combining Transforms

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