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Android is an open source mobile operating system that was developed and launched by Google. Over the years Android has taken the lead in the number of phones the operating system is installed on.

Android Training Institute Ahmedabad

Android is one of the most popular and successful mobile operating systems in the world. As of August 2013 over 900 million devices are running on Android with 975,000 Android apps. The millions of Android based devices is creating a huge demand for developers well versed with Android application (app) development knowledge.

TOPS Technologies is one of the most respected organizations for Android apps based training in India and the world. We have successfully trained and placed thousands of developers in Android App development for mobile applications.

Application development in Android has become very popular and we offer various Android Training programs for freshers and experienced professionals. Because of Android being Open Source/ Free a lot of hardware companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc have started using Android as their base smartphone OS which has created a huge market for Android apps and developers.

Learn How to Create Android Application

The Android training program at TOPS Technologies includes details on how to build the Android Apps from scratch; the Android App Classes include details about how to design Android Apps, develop and program mobile apps and then distribute the built android apps. The training in Android teaches the student on how to program an Android app and then market the app in the android app marketplace. The Android Training classes are conducted over a 4 month period at over 20 locations across India.

Android Developer Training Course for College Students

TOPS Technologies offers Android courses for college students and graduated class of BE, BCA, MCA, MSCit students. The training program enables current students of all colleges to not only pass exams but also learn how Android Apps are developed and programmed.

Our Android Training program usually is conducted over a 4 month period and covers topics on how to design, develop and build applications for Android. The Android Training program takes a student from the basics of programming to creating small and large Android based apps. The Android Course not only teaches the student how to program, develop and visualize Android apps but also details on how to sell them on the Android marketplace.

The students work on a live Android project/application and are able to Learn How to make and Android App.

Android Training Syllabus/ Course


Module 1 – Fundamentals
Module 2 – Learning the Language (Java)
Module 3 – Android OS
Module 4 – Building Mobile Applications with Android
Module 5 – Database Connectivity
Module 6 – Applicability to Industrial Projects

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Android Training Courses for Experienced Professionals and Corporate Clients

Android Training for Professionals

This Android Training is conducted for students with a minimum 1 year of experience working on Android Platform. This 5 full day Android training is conducted by our expert Android trainers who have minimum 3 + years of experience working on Android Platform.

Customized Android Training Course


At TOPS Technologies clients decide what part of Android they want to teach their employees. This training program is usually conducted in Full day increments and the agenda is pre-decided by the clients.

Introduction to Android (Workshop/ Seminar)

Introduction to Android Workshop/ Seminar format of training is most preferred by Colleges, Universities and Working professionals with limited knowledge on Android. The students are provided basics on the Android SDK, how to write simple apps, and use the functions already available in the SDK. We have conducted the Free Android Training Seminar at a lot of different colleges in Gujarat, Rajasthan and MP.

Introduction to Mobile App Training (applications)

The Mobile App training provides a 10,000 feet view of all the various mobile apps (android, Iphone, windows, and Blackberry) that can be built. As a developer it is becoming very important for users to understand multi-platforms and how they can build apps so that they can be deployed to all the platforms simultaneously. Understanding tools like Phonegap allow developers to deploy applications to all the platforms simultaneously.

Android Training Online

TOPS Technologies offers an online Android training for students who would like to learn from their homes or offices at different hours. As one of the largest Training organizations we understand what it takes to teach students using state of the art teaching tools including Video Conferencing and Screen sharing.

Android Apps Training

Have you ever thought can I build this as a Mobile Android App? Now you can make a Android App while you learn.

Android Apps Training allows a student to bring their ideas and we teach students how to build them. This allows the student to actually program, develop and deploy applications that they have dreamt about. The student learns How to Be A Android Developer on his or her own idea.

Android Boot Camp Training

The Boot Camp Training at TOPS Technologies is one of the most rigorous form of training available for working professionals. This training is designed for developers who are working in a certain technology who would like to get upto speed in Android Application Development in the shortest time possible. The Boot Camp training is normally completed over 10 continuous days (without Breaks!!) and is conducted 10-12 hrs daily, with Lunch and Dinners at the office).

Android Certification Training

Google/ Android/ Open Handset Alliance don’t conduct any Certification exams. If your app is approved and added to the marketplace it would mean that you have learnt everything that is relevant for you to get your app working.

Timeline of Android Operating System Versions

Android Training - TOPS Technologies
  • Android beta
  • Android 1.0
  • Android 1.1
  • Android Cupcake 1.5
  • Android Donut 1.6
  • Android Éclair 2.0/2.1
  • Android Froyo 2.2.x
  • Android Gingerbread 2.3.x
  • Android Honeycomb 3.x
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.x
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.1
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2